Thursday, January 11, 2007


I wish I could blog every day. I love it! It has become my obsession these days. Its like my outlet. To search the web for fabulous finds that I would never have the time to find anywhere else, and dream that one day I will have enough money to actually purchase some of these things that I love, find the time to actually do some of those cool DIY projects or ever have a awesome new house to decorate. Unfortunately I have a full time job, 4 kids and very little free time! The free time I do get, I have to choose between blogging, reading or watching adult programming (not kid shows) which I hardly ever get to do these days. So those few of you who do read my blog everyday, thank you for returning... and I hope to post more of "my favorite things" more often.

Happy Blogging!

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anjiejoon said...

i hear ya - it's tough with so many responsibilities & so little time & money. but blogging is a great outlet & a nice way to meet like-minded folks. i love your finds, btw! after going through your archives i realized we have posted about several of the same things. you know what they say about great minds.... ;o)