Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sorry I have been away...

I apologize for not posting lately. I promise to get back to normal soon!

I have been working on a new logo/design. What do ya think? Do you like the black background? Let me know. Give me suggestions! I would love to hear from you guys.

P.S. I took that picture of the dandelion this weekend. Me and two of my kids went in search through our neighborhood for dandelions. Most of our neighbors have nice yards, so it was harder than you think. I finally found one! One! I found it at the walking trail near our house. It was on the edge of a drainage ditch! I thought the photo turned out very well. Do you guys get the connection? ...Wishful Thinking...blow the dandelion and make a WISH? Pretty clever if I say so myself. I'm pretty proud of my picture...can you tell?? tee hee!

1 comment:

m worsham said...

i loooove the black background!! it makes everything stand out more!