Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What to do with the Fireplace?

Apartment Therapy post last week-Decorating a Non-Working Fireplace. I too have had this dilemma since moving into our new house. Our fireplace is perfectly fine to use, but we have chosen not to use it because we have our flatscreen tv on the mantle and we were worried of heat/smoke damage. So I have saved a few images to get some ideas to dress up the fireplace a little.

<--- my fireplace

I have seen this on may blogs over the past few months and fell in love with the idea. My Favorite by far, but I did have some reservations. You know when you put up a new fence and the wood is fresh and golden and then a few months later, after it has been in the weather, it turns that yucky grey color? Will this fresh looking wood that you stack in fireplace-will it turn grey and ugly? Or will it stay fresh and beautiful because it is not out in the elements?

I saw this idea at Modern Cottage. "But a fireback is basically a slab of cast iron (or steel) that sits at the back of your fireplace and acts as a heat radiator. It can make your fireplace up to 50% more efficient." Not really as decorative but still its better than a empty space and it serves two purposes. But this led me to something else....

Fireplace Facings are decorative pieces of tin that are mounted to the face of the fireplace. I like this idea because it closes off the massive hole. Oh, and I love the paisleys!!!

Or you could always go with the ole standby- the white birch logs. Did you know you can buy a box of logs for 19.95?

Or the incredibly predictable fireplace candelabra! Ugh, that's exactly what I have in there now...just the candles not the "abra".

The comments section over at Apartment Therapy didn't offer really any other great what do you think?


Christy said...

I would definitely use a pretty fireplace screen. It would cover up the space and add something decorative. Love your wall color too!

Heather said...

I'd recommend the fireback or the screen. Bringing wood into the house that you aren't going to use introduces potential problems. There could be insects in it. If it gets humid, it may start to rot. If it gets dry, the bark will start to peel and you'll get a fireplace full of woodchips.

You might not have an issue with the heat/smoke and tv - I'd try it. And that way there using the fireplace is easy - you won't have to clean it out.