Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sites for Kids

Do you guys read Rocks in my Dryer? She writes for Blogher and last week she asked her readers to leave in the comments great sites for kids.

A few months ago I made a "blog", Woody's Arcade, for my kids. It has the name and a pic (for the 5 year old) of all their favorite sites and some new ones. I left my site address in the comments section and she mentioned the little blog that I made in her article. She had some really nice things to say...

Woody's Arcade (a mom set this blog up for her child, specifically to direct him to his favorite sites. What an amazing idea!)

She has also made a button that you can post on your site that lists kids sites separated by type. I have also made a button for anyone that would like to link to Woody's Arcade. Email me if you want it! I cant seem to make the code work in the post!!